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What You Should Know Before Buying a Heat Press Machine

Anyone planning to start a decoration or sign business will definitely require a heat press machine. This is a device used in designing that moves a graphic design to another surface. It is mostly used in the printing or laying of specific artworks on t-shirts and shirts. One good example is the numbers and names usually printed behind football shirts.

They are stickers which are usually pressed using this machine. It is an excellent alternative to sublimation and screen printing. There are several stores and online shops where you can get the best heat press machine for home use and small business. You need to do your research first and know the best shops before going out shopping.

Also, you need to understand how this machine works, especially if you are a first time user. This machine makes use of heat and pressure to ensure your design sticks to the clothing or any other surface in the best way. It can work automatically or even manually to give out the perfect results.

One that is operated manually will require a lot of human labor.blue heat press machine You need to be there all the time to prevent it from overheating or burning your design. Automatic ones will require little work because you can adjust your timer and settings. There are several things you need to know before buying this machine. They include:

Timer Type

You should make sure that your heat press machine has the right type of timer before buying. There are several mistakes that may occur like burning your shirts or surface, and this may come about as a result of a poor timer. Go for one with the right timer settings that can alert you or stop upon reaching the required heat standards.


The size of the heat press machine you are buying also matters. Go for one with a bigger pan that will enable you to print all sizes of designs. There are different shirt sizes you will get in this business, and going for a smaller one may see you find a difficult time printing the bigger shirts sizes.

Heat Press Styles

There are several heat press styles you can try out when printing your shirts.printing t-shirt Some of the most common techniques include clamshell, draw, swing-away, and circuit easy styles. All these styles come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. The clamshell style is considered as the best compared to the other types.…