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Frost Protection Fans

While people know not to plant during winter, spring can be a different story. One day it’s hot and sunny, and two days later it’s snowing. This abrupt change of temperature can be quite challenging for farmers who rely on plants for income or food. Not only does frost ruin leaves and fruits, but it can also freeze roots completely, so they don’t send nutrients to the rest of the plant. If you have a few plants or potted flowers, you can cover them with burlap sacks or move them indoors. But what do you do when your farm is large, and there are a lot of plants?


Frost Fans

Frost fans or wind fans are also very popular especially in Australia and New Zealand. The method works by using the warmer air from the inversion layer to create the movement of air near the flowers and fruits. This way, the flowers, fruits, and leaves won’t be damaged because cold air is moving as opposed to sticking on the plant. Most smart farms have set up frost fans to automatically start working when they sense cold temperature or frost.

Farmers prefer this method overheating and sprinklers because it is economical and efficient seeing that one fan can work or a 10-acre land.

Overhead Sprinklers

Sprinklers are still some of the best inventions for plants, and they can provide the highest protection from frost. The idea behind this method is that water will keep the frost from sticking or freezing on the leaves and taking the plants warmth away. However, you have to run the sprinklers for the entire time that the frost is happening. This method while very effective requires a farm that has a lot of water.


For people with small gardens, a 100watts bulb will be sufficient to provide warmth for your plants so they won’t freeze. However, if you have a bigger farm, you will need to go big with the heat source. Ideally, heat guns and gas-powered heaters are what you should choose. Introducing heaters into farms started in the early 1900s, and its only challenge is that fuel is very expensive. In order to keep the snow from forming on your plants, you need up to 60 heaters per acre to keep the entire place very warm.


Just like wind machines, a helicopter uses the warm air from the inversion layer and blows it up. A helicopter is only used by very rich farmers who only plant rare and expensive plants that will be worth the investment. It’s also a dangerous method because a helicopter should not be flying aimlessly in the dark.

Fogs while all the other methods have in existence for centuries, fogs and foams are fairly new methods.a special forging system is supposed to produce a thick fog layer that will protect the plants from radiation at night. Similarly, soy oil-based foams should be applied 2 to 4 inches thick before a frost hits. These two methods are still being experimented and perfected to hopefully give a more efficient solution to frost.

There is a lot that goes into protecting plants from frost and other harmful agents like insects and floods. If possible, a farmer should have one or a combination of these smart methods on standby and an alert for when snow strikes your area so you can always be prepared.…

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Tips to Ensure an Excellent Superyacht Refit

Refit can be quite stressful. In this given industry, specifically with the charter yachts, there is a need to ensure there are high-quality standards as far as regular updates to the décor, electronic systems, decking, generators, and engines are concerned.

However, these projects are quite extensive and require several months of work from professional teams. You should note that poor preparation without adequate planning is likely to cause refit nightmares, in the form of disagreements, huge unexpected costs, and delays. This guide will help you carry out a successful superyacht refit project:

Liability Insurance

modern yachtIn any workplace, accidents can happen. It does not matter how expensive the yacht is, accidents do happen. Thus, it is necessary to contact the yacht’s insurance company to know the level of cover they provide. Before any particular work starts, it is necessary for the parties involved to check all the policies and insurance companies involved. This is because some types of work are covered by more than one insurance company.

Shop Around

One yacht refit company will likely charge and quote different from the next one. It is a good idea to get many quotes from various companies. They will help you understand the pricing and the multiple services you are likely to get. You should note that estimating the cost of a yacht refit is not an easy process. You determine the competence of the refit companies through their price estimates.

Other than checking the quotes, ensure you choose a company that is a member of a professional organization. This will give you some level of credibility that can guarantee you security by ensuring the chosen yard conforms to the yacht standards.


refit a yachtEven a small project requires full-time attendance from the right professionals to minimize delays and issues. For instance, a chief engineer is required and the captain. They ought to work together to deliver the expected results. The refit company will discuss with you their recommendations depending on the project details you have provided them with. It is a good idea to agree to most of their recommendations unless you have a different opinion.

If there are other contractors you have, ensure there is adequate planning before the start of the project. You need to ensure you have all the required professionals at the start of the project to minimize delays.…

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Heat Press Machine

Anyone planning to start a decoration or sign business will definitely require a heat press machine. This is a device used in designing that moves a graphic design to another surface. It is mostly used in the printing or laying of specific artworks on t-shirts and shirts. One good example is the numbers and names usually printed behind football shirts.

They are stickers which are usually pressed using this machine. It is an excellent alternative to sublimation and screen printing. There are several stores and online shops where you can get the best heat press machine for home use and small business. You need to do your research first and know the best shops before going out shopping.

Also, you need to understand how this machine works, especially if you are a first time user. This machine makes use of heat and pressure to ensure your design sticks to the clothing or any other surface in the best way. It can work automatically or even manually to give out the perfect results.

One that is operated manually will require a lot of human heat press machine You need to be there all the time to prevent it from overheating or burning your design. Automatic ones will require little work because you can adjust your timer and settings. There are several things you need to know before buying this machine. They include:

Timer Type

You should make sure that your heat press machine has the right type of timer before buying. There are several mistakes that may occur like burning your shirts or surface, and this may come about as a result of a poor timer. Go for one with the right timer settings that can alert you or stop upon reaching the required heat standards.


The size of the heat press machine you are buying also matters. Go for one with a bigger pan that will enable you to print all sizes of designs. There are different shirt sizes you will get in this business, and going for a smaller one may see you find a difficult time printing the bigger shirts sizes.

Heat Press Styles

There are several heat press styles you can try out when printing your shirts.printing t-shirt Some of the most common techniques include clamshell, draw, swing-away, and circuit easy styles. All these styles come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. The clamshell style is considered as the best compared to the other types.…

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Important Elements of Lawn Care Business Websites

Technology has invaded nearly every aspect of the society. In fact, the internet plays a vital role in our daily lives. People are using it for making purchases, researching future purchases, and even communicating with others. A lot of businesses have realized how important it is to have a business website.

23e43 lawn business websiteIf you are operating a lawn care company, you do not need just to survive, you need to thrive. This explains why having a business website is a matter of necessity rather than a preference. Having a great website helps establish credibility, demonstrate professionalism, and gives you a competitive edge. However, having a business website is not just putting together a few pages with flashy banners, background music, and fancy graphics. When making a website for a lawn care company, there are various components that you can incorporate to demonstrate professionalism. The following are some elements to consider:

Keep it simple

A lot of lawn care businesses make a huge mistake by developing a complicated and complex website. This makes them lose over 80% of visitors. A website with annoying animations, stupid background music, or flashy graphics, may not be useful for any company. There is no need of choosing a website designer who is just interested in showing off his or her design abilities rather than focusing on developing a website that helps your lawn care company generate a lot of revenue.

Thus, you should create a website that is simple. It should be easy to navigate and should have a uniform feel and look. In fact, a professional website does not need to have several pages. Instead, it should have about six pages.

Overcome skepticism

eew2212 lawn care business websiteSkepticism is quite common in this era. It is unfortunate that it has been multiplied on the web. Before purchasing services and products to buy, they carry out a lot of research on a broad range of services and products before purchasing. Your website should offer validation that you are a professional and give you a great service. The best way to overcome skepticism is to use customer testimonials. It is advisable to use them early on the website. You can also add video testimonials.

Get contact information for visitors

The main aim of a lawn care company website is to get contact information from each visitor. You can create an opt-in page where visitors can fill in their emails, names, and even phone numbers.…