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Four Ways to Get Ready for Your Baby’s Arrival

Your baby’s due is coming close, and it must be the time where you, your partner, and your whole family feel the most excitement. However, you shall not take that happy moment to get the best of you. During the first months, your baby will spend more or less 20 hours to sleep. And at the same time, he/she will also begin to develop their motor skills.

The example above addresses only one issue that you’ll face after you give birth to the baby. If you are not well prepared, the chances are that you’ll experience severe maternity hassles. Read below to prevent such trouble from happening!

Write a Journal

an adorable babyIf you write a journal, you’ll reduce the chances of repeating the same mistake. Besides, you can also write your plans there. Here is a list of maternity concerns that must be on your list:

  1. The types of pain and discomforts you experience
  2. The baby’s changes/developments
  3. Any information from your doctor
  4. Schedules of your post-maternity treatments
  5. Nursery items (clothes, health items, crib, toys, etc.)

Those five subjects are flexible to change depending on your situation, and you should not restrain from adding other points you think necessary.

Buy the Right Crib

a white baby cribA baby crib is the most crucial nursery furniture you need after you give birth, just like what we discuss in the introductory paragraph. Here, we’ll focus on addressing the qualities of a quality baby crib.

First, the bars must be sturdy enough. Even if your infant looks powerless, he/she’ll have enough power to break a weak wooden plank a year from now. Moreover, the gaps between the bars should not be too wide. Otherwise, you’ll risk your baby of getting his/her head stuck there, and it can be a life-threatening situation.

Add a Special Dresser

Your maternity items will overwhelm you, and that is why you’ll need a personal dresser for them. And you don’t need a design that has big drawers. It is better to choose one that has many drawers so that you can organize your baby’s equipment easily.

Another thing to consider when choosing a dresser for your maternity items is its mobility. You should buy one that is not too heavy and has wheels on it so that you can move it closer to you when needed, such as while changing the baby’s diaper.

Consider Hiring a Maid

Your baby needs quality nourishment. And during their early time, they’ll rely heavily on your breast milk. Therefore, you must feed yourself with healthy foods. And the best way to get them is from home-cooking. However, taking care of the baby alone will surely exhaust you.

Hiring a maid may seem like a considerable additional cost, but do calculate the benefits. First, you can monitor directly how the maid cooks for you, and you can decide the ingredients and the menus. Second, the maid can also help you with laundry and general cleaning at the house.…