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Two Ways that a Vaporizer is Better Than a Cigarette

It is said that a vaporizer, or widely known as a vape, is the newest form of smoking. It is true though, considering a vape offers the same smoking sensation without the conventional smoking method. The materials used are also strikingly different. Tobacco, as the main ingredients found in a regular cigarette, is no longer used in the production of a vape. Instead, the essence of herbs, concentrates, and wax are the ingredients that made their way to replace tobacco as the central part of the smoking thrill. The existence of the combustible tobacco in the process of smoking, which is not available in the vape, adds up to the list of differences that the vaporizers and the cigarettes have. Another elaborated thing about the vaporizers can be found in some websites.


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As a new form of enjoying cigarettes, is it safe to say that a vape is safer and better than the regular ones? As the new kind of smoke, it also seems to offer the better way of smoking. The answer is an absolute yes. A vaporizer is, indeed, better than the regular one. First, it is healthier. Second, it is much of an economical choice.

A Vaporizer as a Healthier Choice

a man and white smokeThe most basic differentiator between the vaporizers and the regular one is the combustion. Regularly, as the burning carries on, many of the toxic substances are released from the process and end up being inhaled by the smoker. From nicotine to carbon monoxide, all those pestilent contents are released along with the smoke that one inhales and end up in the smoker’s lungs.

A vaporizer can tell quite a different story as the absence of the tobacco combustion makes it release fewer toxic into the smoke. As this continues, less dangerous chemicals are swallowed by the body making it one healthier alternative than the regular smoking. This feature also causes the vape to be an aid to quit smoking in some cases. With the same smoking sensation but different chemicals, it sure is one good and healthier choice as an alternative.

A Vaporizer as a More Economical Choice

Vaping is forty percents cheaper than smoking the regular cigarettes. Some people do not seem to agree with this statement as it indeed does not look like it at first glance. The vaporizer’s tank is expensive, much more pricey than a pack of cigarette. However, people invest much on the first purchase and save the rest of the use. One reason, the use of herbs essence and concentrate as the main contents of the vape is much more efficient than the use of tobacco.…