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Tips to Identify a Fake Prada

If you need to buy an item that is undoubtedly durable, you need to go for an original one. Original items are slightly expensive but worth the value. Nowadays fake manufacturing companies are sprouting everywhere producing counterfeit or substandard items that buyers nowadays need to be keen not to take home a substandard or a fake product.

This is similar when also buying Prada and leather bags in general. In fact, it is one area that is profoundly affected by the production of these counterfeit items. One can only be ascertained of quality products when purchasing these Prada Bags and leather bags on renowned shops that sell the products. All these being a part of the society, people need to know some tips to help identify a fake Prada easily. Here are some of the most helpful ones.

Stitch Alignment

Prada bags are liked because of their neat designs, and this also includes their stitch designs. A quality original Prada is usually stitched neatly and alignedfancy prada bags uniformly in equal distance to the edges with no lose spaces in between the stitches. This is something easy to identify in a fake Prada. Fake Prada bags are always stitched irregularly because most of them are hand-stitched, unlike original ones which are machine stitched to retain uniformity all around the bag.

Metal Tags

All Prada are usually tagged with a metallic material and not any common fabric or plastic. They use a certain font that is easy to detect and is attractive which when designing the metal material, is usually written professionally and appealingly. Fake Prada bags try to imitate these designs, and when mimicking the design with a metallic material, it often appears irregular and easy to detect. This can also easily be detected by the design of the ‘R’ inside the name PRADA. It has a notch extended from its right leg.

Prada Hardware

All Prada bag hardware are made of antique brass that is usually stainless and silver-colored. Fake ones will appear rusted especially on the underside, or maybe appear worn or old. All of them are also usually uniform in size, something that is also easy to detect.

Availability of an Authenticity Cardbrown-colored prada purse

All Prada bags come with an authenticity card that is kept inside a black envelope. The information inside this card includes the serial number of the bag, the style of the bag, and the manufacturing location. The envelope is usually hard in texture and colored uniformly that when twisted, it won’t bring out an alternative color other than the primary black.…